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Eco-friendly specialty coffee filter paper

Compatibility with Cafec Trapezoild Dripper, Kalita HA Dripper

  • 2-4 cups (102)

ABACA Paper Filter is produced using a special technique to incorporate a 2-side crepe feature onto paper to allow smooth water flow and less chances of blockage during specialty coffee brewing. It is made of Abaca (Manila hemp) and mixed with wood pulp. It has good breathability, liquid permeability, tough structure, and elasticity. At the same time, it is an eco-friendly, biodegradable filter paper that is sustainable and certified by the FSC (Forest Management Committee). After safe and high-quality oxygen bleaching, the aroma of specialty coffee can be preserved even more during use.

  • No added fluorescent substance
  • 100% pure natural eco paper filter
  • JHDC Authorized Product
  • Excellent water permeability
  • Soft and tough


What is Abaca?

Abaca, also known as Manila hemp, is a non-wood and environmentally friendly material made for the afforestation projects. It is eco-friendly because it has a short planting time and can be planted in large quantities without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Abaca replaces the use of wood and reduces forest consumption and environmental burden.

Abaca greatly reduces soil erosion and facilitates biodiversity restoration in tropical rainforest and it minimizes sedimentation problems in coastal areas. As the soil is able to retain more water, flooding and landslides will be better prevented. Abaca waste can even be used as an organic fertilizer.


Material Composition


About the Brand

CAFEC is a brain child of Sanyo Sangyo, the Japanese pioneer filter paper manufacturer which developed world’s first cone shaped filter paper. CAFEC is passionate about coffee & specifically drip coffee. The company vows to make drip coffee easily accessible to everyone regardless of professionals or home brewers. They bring about a host of innovations & industry firsts to their drip coffee equipment which includes ABACA filter paper & Arita ware coffee dripper.

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