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Cumulo Genmaicha 100g / 200g Cumulo Genmaicha 100g / 200g
100g 200g
100g 200g

Genmaicha - Sencha & Puffed Brown Grains

Genmaicha is a mellow blend of Sencha and roasted puffed brown rice grains. Hearty mix of flavorful roasted grains and good grade Sencha that was made from only Ichibancha. This Japanese green tea carries subtle nutty tones with aromatic toasted sesame notes while you brew.

Loose leaf (for 1 pax)


Add (3g) Genmaicha loose leaf  and pour 60ml of boiling water into a teapot. Let it steep for 1 min and you're done! The longer you steep, the stronger it tastes.


Add (10g) Genmaicha loose leaf and 240ml of boiling water into a teapot and let it brew for 60 seconds. Pour out the tea in a glass filled with handful of ices.

* Please keep refrigerated for best flavor and shelf-life.

Standard serving 40 / 200g

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