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Espresso Brewing Guide

We recommend using the right portafilter basket sizes for brewing. Note that these guides may vary for each coffee and desired results.

Here are some basics for espresso brewing, before we begin:

1. Always ground coffee right before brewing.

The oils and aromatics in the beans are released during the grinding process. To immediately capture all that goodness in your coffee, brew right after grinding.

2. If you had to choose to spend on only 1 piece of equipment, make it a good grinder. 

We can't emphasis enough on how much impact consistent grounds make, in getting an excellent cup. Investing in a good grinder and having your grinder properly calibrated will reduce fines and result in a cleaner cup.

3. Try to be as precise as you can.

Always weight in/out and time your shots. The will help replicate your success and guide to towards getting the taste profile you want. This is also why we encourage getting a good coffee scale!

4. Get the best water you can find.

Coffee is made from 98% Water. Using soft water is important for extracting the best flavor out of coffee. Hard water contains high level of minerals which  mutes the flavors of coffee. 

The Specialty Coffee Association's water standards give an ideal target as water with the following characteristics: no odour or colour; zero chlorine; a pH of 7.0; alkalinity of 40 ppm; and calcium hardness of 50-175 ppm CaCO3.

5. Get the best coffee you can find.

While everyone's best is different, freshly whole bean coffees from specialty coffee roasters that are rested for optimally 1-2 weeks post roast are ideal for espresso.

Follow best practices for making coffee, from grinding to tamping and brewing, here is a video from one of our favourite coffee personalities: James Hoffman.



Medium Roast Espresso 1:2 (88-90 Deg C)

Our standard recipe: 22.5g in/45g Out, in 22 to 25 seconds


Medium-Light Roast Espresso 1:2.5 (92-94 Deg C)

Our standard recipe: 21-22.5g in / 52-56g Out, in 27 to 30 seconds


Light Roast Espresso 1:3 (95-98 Deg C)

Our standard recipe 18-20g in / 54-60g Out, in 25 to 30 seconds







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