We roast every Monday & Friday, orders will be sent out the following day.


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Cumulo Blend Cumulo Blend
200g 500g 1kg
200g 500g 1kg

*We roast on order every Mondays and Fridays. Orders will typically be sent out the following day. Orders cut off time is 9.30am on roast days. We do have surplus roasts but these are subjected to availability.

Flavour notes: Rich and smooth - Dark Chocolate, Brazil Nuts, Smooth and Creamy Body, Caramel, Dried Fruits.

Espresso Roast - Medium

Composition: Brazil Cerrado Natural, Colombia Supremo South Tolima

Cumulo is our signature blend and a medium roast that makes a super solid milk-based espresso. It’s an easy-drinking coffee that is a joy to brew with predominantly chocolaty notes carried by a syrupy/creamy body, along with caramel-like sweetness, a hint of fruitiness, and a nutty overtone. We recommend it for anything that goes with milk!



Espresso 1:2.25

Aeropress: 1:16 (93 Deg C)

Cold Brew Concentrate for Milk Based: 1:4 (Medium to coarse grind)

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