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Black Currant Tea Black Currant Tea
100g 250g
100g 250g

Indulge in the bold and invigorating flavours of blackcurrant tea. This exquisite blend marries the robust essence of black tea with the rich, fruity notes of blackcurrant, creating a harmonious and satisfying cup of tea. Bursting with the vibrant captivate your taste buds and offer a luxurious addition to your tea collection.

Our versatile Blackcurrant Tea from Mittal Teas can be enjoyed both hot and cold, offering you the flexibility to savor this delightful blend in any way you prefer. Try it today and experience the unparaelleled quality and taste that Mittal Teas is renowned for.

"Welcome to Cumulo Coffee, where we take pride in being the exclusive distributor of Mittal tea in Singapore and Malaysia, bringing you the finest quality teas to elevate your tea-drinking experience."

** We provide tea in bulk quantities suitable for purchase by cafes, hotels, restaurants, and for individual consumption.

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