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Matcha Guide

We appreciate coffee as much as matcha. Who doesn't love matcha right?

If you are not, know the goodness of matcha that loaded with powerful antioxidants that helps to protect the liver, boosts our tired brain, prevent cancer, boost energy because it contain a more concentrated amount of caffeine, and it help to lose weight. Ultimately, it's easy to make and zen your mood completely.

Nothing beats sipping quality green tea any time of the day.

Because we want to share the zen-ness of making matcha, we created a short clip, hope you enjoy watching and follow us in any of our social media by showing your support. Thanks in advance~


Making Koicha "a thick syrup of pure Japanese tea flavor"

Pour over a cup of cold milk. 



Making Usucha "thin tea that can be used to brew the majority of ceremonial matcha"




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